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Supercat 15 for Sale - $1400 or BO

Supercat catamarans were built by Boston Whaler to their typical standard of excellence. Whaler no longer builds these great cats, but all parts are available from Aquarius Sail who still builds catamarans of the same design. Supercats don't "hobby horse" like Hobie 14 and 16's and they also don't pitch pole. These very capable cats have high volume bows that don't plow into the waves, but ride over the tops of them. This boat is meant for speed and safety. Supercats employ a boom-less rig, meaning that there is no boom to smack your head upon jibing. This cat is equipped with shroud extenders so if you do flip it is a simple matter to right the boat to continue sailing. The standing and running rigging is in good shape and the hulls are in good condition. The mainsail is in good condition, the jib is serviceable, but sun-scorched. The trampoline is serviceable, but will need restitching in the near future. This boat comes with a heavy duty galvanized trailer that is registered in New York. As will all things, the price is negotiable but I am asking $1400.

Email: Randy G.
Call: 716 912 6193

picture above not of actual boat